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Updating " Immediate Action " in BOPF EHSS_INCIDENT

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Hi Experts,

Requirement is to Create an Incident from UI5 Application. We are using Standard Report Incident OData Service for the same .

But in this Standard OData Service we don't have the provision to add "Immediate Action" field

As am new to BOPF not able to figure out properly. But i could post data to the same field in /BOBF/TEST_UI transaction but not sure how to use it from the program.

Need help .

Thanks in Advance.


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Hi ,

I can help you in this , this is very simple .

Please let me know till how far you had reach ? or shall i explain all process step by step.

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Hello Zahid,

The following approach we have followed so as to update the Immediate Actions field.

We got the relationship between the EHHSSD_INC_BINFA table and the tables where information regarding immediate actions field is stored.

We updated the following tables EHHSSD_INC_BINFA, /BOBF/D_TXCROOT,/BOBF/D_TXCCON, /BOBF/D_TXCTXT by generating the node keys whenever required.

Although this is not the standard approach for updating the tables, due to time constraints we had to do this way.
Please let us know the standard procedure for solving the above problem.