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Update title basic info tab when person injured info is selected

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HI All,

I have a requirement to fill title which is in basis info tab when person injured node is filled.

Requirement is as soon as on the click of send should should read person injured and update the title

I have tried to do this in person_injured tab determination  in set transion attribute [ZD_PINJI_SET_TRANS_R2] and below is the code


IF lr_s_root->status IS INITIAL.

*//   Get Basic Info

       lo_binfa = lo_root->get_subnode_by_key( if_ehhss_inc_c=>sc_association-root-basic_info_all ).

       lr_s_binfa ?= lo_binfa->get_row( 1 ).

*     get person involved node

       lo_pinv_node = lo_pinji_node->get_parent( ).

       lr_s_pinv ?= lo_pinv_node->get_row( 1 ).

       IF lr_s_pinv->id(1) NE 'I'.

         ls_party_key-id_combined = lr_s_pinv->id.


             CALL METHOD cl_ehfnd_party_proxy=>get_full_name_of_party


                 is_party_key  = ls_party_key


                 ev_first_name = lv_first_name

                 ev_last_name  = lv_last_name.

           CATCH cx_ehfnd_inbound_processing .

           CATCH cx_ehfnd_rfc_communication .


         CONCATENATE 'Care Management -'



                     INTO lr_s_binfa->title

                     SEPARATED BY space.

         lr_s_binfa->desc_text = lr_s_binfa->title.

         lo_binfa->update( lr_s_binfa ).


     ENDIF. "STATUS is initial

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Answers (2)

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Hi Hemanth,

If you are trying to update a transient attribute it will not be updated as the content is displayed only at runtime.

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Thanks Soumya do you have sap note suggesting the same .

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I think you are missing the edit statement :

lo_binfa->set_edit_mode( /bobf/if_conf_c=>sc_edit_exclusive ).

Add this and see if it makes a difference.Put this after subnode by key.

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I have added injured and added that line which you have suggested still it is not saving title as first name and last name of the injured person

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Ìf its not working , you can try this :

In class CL_EHHSS_INC_QAF_CNTRLR_NEW for method IWCI_IF_FPM_OIF_CONF_EXIT~OVERRIDE_EVENT_OIF and an enhancement and on Event save you can write your code.


Try this

  lo_inc_service_mngr = cl_ehfnd_ena_service_mngr=>instancev2( if_ehhss_inc_c=>sc_bo_key ).

               lo_inc_service_mngr->set_edit_mode( /bobf/if_conf_c=>sc_edit_exclusive ).

               lo_ena_binfa_node = lo_inc_service_mngr->get_node_single( iv_node_key = if_ehhss_inc_c=>sc_node-basic_info_all  iv_key = <ls_basic_info_all>-key ).

               lo_ena_binfa_node->set_edit_mode( /bobf/if_conf_c=>sc_edit_exclusive ).

               lo_ena_binfa_node->set_request_persistent_only( ).

               lr_s_basic_info_all ?= lo_ena_binfa_node->get_next_row( ).

               lr_s_basic_info_all->zzehs_telno = <ls_basic_info_all>-zzehs_telno.

               lo_ena_binfa_node->update( lr_s_basic_info_all ).

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write the last code where ..

I am actually writing my code in set transient attriubte

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On the Injury basic data tab.

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when i write the logic in basis info tab it is dumping as person injured is blank


when i write this logic in person injured system is not going to debugging point where i have written logic to to update title

Active Contributor
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Hi Hemanth,

In general IM process filling “Title” is a mandatory option. What I understand is that if the injured person is recorded then it should be updated in the title.

For this custom ABAB coding needs to written to check if “Injured Person” is filled, if yes then the data of injured person should be fetched from the table and update the table where “Title” fields is present. (In this case the injured person details can be appended to the title if already entered”)

Above is the logic to do this, also these data can be fetched from std tables, but how to make this happen technical person has write a code to get these details.



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thanks Satya question is where i should write to check if injured person is filled .. in which method of determination or i have to write this in feeder class   ..

I have tried to write the code in determination but when i click on send my debugging point does not reach in determination