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Unable to update Resource Adapter properties for XMIIIDOCs

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Hi Experts,

I have been trying to configure one of the XMIIIDOCs in MII

I am unable to save the properties.

On save, I get the loading symbol and then the data reverts to earlier entries.

The new entries are lost.

There are no errors and I see the following warnings.

Write monitor data thread interrupted

Role <role name> already exists (this warning for all default roles in MII)


SystemProperty ResolveMachineName was null or empty, defaulting to false

I am using the java administrator user

the program has been configured in ECC in accordance with the documents availble in SDN

the ECC server is reachable over the network from MII

The connection had earlier been established on a different listner which is now in error state and I am creating the new one to troubleshoot the error.

The errors indicate user authentication issues as the user password has changed. But I guess, I am unable to update this due to the above issue.

Am I missing any roles on the user to update the adapter?

I am using NW731 and MII 14.0



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Hi All,

The issue was resolved.

During the recent patch update to SP05, only MIIADMIN and XMII SCAs were updated.

Yesterday we updated the MIIBUILT and I was able to update the properties and save. And received the iDocs successfully.

Strange though, that there was absolutely no error or indication towards this (or even otherwise anything) from the application.