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Unable to display Chinese characters in csv export

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We are doing a csv export from SAP MII. We use the below format for achieving this


The csv files gets successfully downloaded but when we open it does not display the right Chinese characters in the excel file. The data is displayed correctly in the SAP MII report.

If we try to import the csv file in excel and use UTF-8 encoding in the option it displays the right Chinese words but when I directly open the csv file it opens in UTF-7 encoding.

Can someone please help how we can fix this.



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Hi Suhas,

Another way of forcing excel to open the csv with UTF-8 is by adding a BOM(Byte-order-marker). For this you could open the csv in an editor like Notepad++ and change the encoding to "Encode in UTF-8 BOM" and then save. Now if you open this csv, excel will use UTF-8 decoding and display the characters correctly.

This is also a workaround, and not the solution to your problem; but hope this helps!

Thanks and Best Regards,