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Unable to debug Custom function module in CG54.

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Hello Experts,

I am creating report from specification and the released report is available in CG54 transaction as you can see in the below image.


I have used few standard function module and custom function module inside the report and in both function module I have placed Session and external breakpoints.

When I click on display document on front end pc that is marked in green the standard FM C14N_SYMBOL_STACK_PUSH gets triggered, but my custom FM will not be triggered.


Please can you help me understand how to trigger my CUSTOM FM when using CG54 to generate report..



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In the above WWI code.

I am pushing the specification number using stack push.

Then in my custom FM I am reading the stack top to get back the spec number.

I want to debug my custom FM to check some part of logic, since it is not giving the expected result.

I have add  external and session breakpoint in STACK PUSH FM

I have also add break point statement and external and session breakpoint in my custom FM.

When I click on the display document as explained earlier debugger gets triggered for the stack push FM but my custom FM is not being triggered.