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Un-hold Purchase Order from Transaction CBRC21

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Topic is linked from EH&S SVT (substance volume tracking) and MM (Hold Purchase Order)

Is there a function module that can un-hold a purchase order?

I hold the purchase order by creating a PO of a material containing a substance that is registered on REACH regulation that exceed that registered quantity.

Message a get when trying to validate my PO:

Regulation check for the substance volume tracking has failed

Message no. CBRC_REGCHECK026

So far, it’s ok.

Then I go transaction CBRC21 in order to release the PO

Select my line then “Unblock Document” but I get a message:

Some of the selected Documents are being processed

The aim is to un-hold the purchase order from the Transaction CBRC21 by bypassing the hold status of the PO due to the registered quantity (without going back to EH&S data or the PO itself).

-Value Assignment Type

Registration (Company specific) SAP_EHS_1023_057


Registered Quantity SAP_EHS_1023_057_QUANTITY

Any idea?

In advance, thanks.

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Dear Jean-Pascal

sorry to say: this part of SVT is very "customer specific". PLease check first this blog:

There is not much discussion here regarding the "on hold" function. But if you dig deeper in SVT (and the OSS notes)

This part is >90% customer specific. I am not aware of a "Best Practise" document (but could exists)


PS: e.g. check

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Hello Christoph,

Thank you for your answer.

First, we will determine the impact of this enhancement and if we decide to start it, we will describe the scenario here.

I'm a fully aware that this topic is much more related to MM than EH&S level but it will be triggered by CBRC21 Transaction.