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Table of contents on WWI templates

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Hi all,

Is there anyway to include table of contents in a WWI template, I tried the normal way but it is not updating the page numbers when the report is generated.

Looking for your export opinion.


Praveen P

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Answers (3)

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Hi Praveen,

Table of contents can be displayed using Parameter hierarchy using repeting group.

create repeating group as howin below.

Display each column as shown below

In generation Function module, for each record, fill CVDP table using below code. here we should mention hairarchy name.

      w_ord = w_ord +  1. (For each record, this must be incremented)

      wa_cvddp-object =  'name of the structure'.

      wa_cvddp-attrib =
'Coulmn name'.

value = i_matnr-mnmatnr.

      wa_cvddp-ord = w_ord.

      wa_cvddp-showonlyflg =

      wa_cvddp-parhier =

      wa_cvddp-parobj =

      wa_cvddp-parobjkey = i_matnr-mnmatnr.

APPEND wa_cvddp TO e_cvddp_tab.

CLEAR wa_cvddp.

I think Page number will be generated at the time of generation. just put page number using MS-Word page concept and try.



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Hi Praveen,

This cannot be done. The reason is simply that at the time when Word calculates the number of pages, this information is not yet known since the expansion of symbols against values from EH&S has not yet happened.


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Thanks Ralph for confirming.

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Dear Pravenn

sorry. I did not catch your "problem". Do you have the need to generate a "list of chapters (Content)) in your template?

Please explaine your issue.