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Switch the usage in expert rule zexp_comp when drilling down a multi-level product composition

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Hello experts,

I have this special Use case : the standard composition of a product with an exact composition with usage INTERNAL should be determined. All ingredients have only exact composition with usage PUBLIC.

So the expert rule should read the exact composition of the product with usage INTERNAL and return a standard comp with usage INTERNAL, all ingredients of the product have only compositions with usage PUBLIC.

Can the comp.mdb be changed (which parameter is the correct one) to do that?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Ute,

you can Change the mapping so that a different Rating / Usage is read and / or written, however, in your case you need INTERNAL for the first Level and PUBLIC for all lower levels and that will not work. Either everything is INTERNAL or everything is PUBLIC, you cannot switch back and forth.