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SVT for TSCA 12 B regulation

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Hello All,

I am trying to set up SVT for TSCA 12 B regulation in our new system. I have seen there is standard set up provided by SAP and in the configuration the volume determination FM' s are missing. Do we need to add the FMs because as per my understanding TSCA 12 B is not for Volume check . There are 2 environmental parameters available, but we need to add the corrosponding phrase here right? Where exactly these phrases are used in property tree?

Also can anyone please tell me a little bit about the data set up. From SAP help i can see we have to maintain data in TSCA Lists,US( SAP_EHS_1023_053) property for regulation and legal entity and registration date etc . Also there is something as TSCA section and Concentration % , should we maintain any thing here? Now if i maintain the components in this property and assign composition with usage US is that sufficient? I have also seen that the property SAP_EHS_1023_057( Reg status) to be maintained . What data to be maintained here? Is there any other property or data which is required? Now i believe the fill table will get updated with components maintained in TSCA Lists,US with the components with concentration limits...Do we need to maintain anything in specify quantity limits configuration for TSCA 12 B?

Thanks and looking forward for the responses.



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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your inputs. I have checked the configuration again and done some changes. Now the filling works with the composition maintained in TSCA lists. The data for components maintained in Reg status and when export orders are created its working. Regards-George

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Dear George

conclusion: question answered? if yes: Close the thread . Thanks