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SVT composition table does not populate scenario (s4 hana 2020)

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We have a different composition that should be used for filling Production vs Sale or Purchase orders. However, when we fill the substance, only the sales/purchase composition is populated (that is what we're guessing since the scenario is blank and the entries match the legal composition).

Am I missing some config somewhere? I've been thru all nodes but I'm not finding anything other than the config that tells the scenario where to get the composition from. It looks like the fill program is just ignoring that configuration. The compositions are populated. I've confirmed there is no class assigned to the blank scenario and that each scenario has it's relevant composition class assigned.

Has anyone else encountered this or have any ideas of where else I can look?



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SVT is discussed the last years often (even now the hype for "REACH" is over we have now hypes for "REACh, UK", Turkey and other regions to look at (and more to come if you take a look how the regulation is changing word wide (many countries "loves" REACH (e.g. REACH, TR, or REACh, KR) and the idea of "REACH" is rolled out in the world (from legislation point of view).

The blog:

Tries to help but it is not "up to date" any more.

Based on your screenshot: you are using three lines in the corresponding customizing. For "IMP" / "EXP" you are using SAP_EHS_1012_024 as the basis. For PRO you do use a "customer" specific value assignment type. But for all of them you use "REACH, GB" as the usage. As we have now clue how you set up the regulatory list "SVT_GB" no real help is possible. The issue is: BREXIT !!

Because of the "BREXIT alignment the region "north ireland" is counted as "REACH EU" and should not be counted to "REACH GB" (or REACH, UK). There is some important OSS Note to check,

Anyhow: as long as we do not know: is there data in the customer specific value assignment type: No help is possible.

BUT luckily it is easy to check. You can use in "Q System" and use the "Fill" report in "DEBUG" modus to check what is happening for the "PRO" part of your set up.

But cleary: there must be data to drill down. So check for one material if you can find data for "IMP" "EXP scenario in SAP table CCRCT_EHS_COMP and perform an initial filling for "PRO" using the "Fill" report. By doing so: use a "debug" session to .. and ideally the process should "break" during the read of "composition" and if there is useful data (in property tree) you should see the result step by step in the debug session


PS: your set up seems to be not correct. Normally i would assume (by proper set up) that you will get more lines in "CCRCT_EHS_COMP" (including the scenario in the line) for "IMP" and "EXP".. but your screen shot is not complete

So normally (you can do so but you need not) you would generate many dara records

Using a "simple" example: One Material / REAL_SUB / TRACK_SUB / 100 % => then you should get three lines

One line with scenario "IMP", one with "EXP" and one with "PRO" in the "COMP" table. Without more details: we can not help

Why do you use a customer specific composition for PRO part? This is not needed (in most practical situations) and is additional "work load" to maintain something... and as long as you have no "helper" (e.g. a rule set) to maintain the different value assignment type: The business people will not "love" your set up (as it is additional work)