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Substance Volume Tracking - Production Scenario and BOM

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Hello Community Members,

I want to configure the SVT PRODUCTION (PRO) scenario but I am slightly confused on what option to be  selected since there are mixed opinion received and this makes it more complex.

I prepared a sample structure of Bill of Material levels for one product similar to the one available in the system (The Pic is attached)

Material BOM List V/s EHSMaterial BOM List V/s EHS

I have some questions here:

1) In the given example, is it okay to track the composition of only Main product (Real_sub)? In this case there are only two Pure subs. I assume that may not be correct.
2) Or I need to setup a same structure in SAP EHS (as a separate composition e.g Legal comp) so that it tracks at all levels drilling to the last pure sub?
3) Is there any need to develop a custom code logic to check BOM first.

Any hint or suggestions are welcome.

Thanks In advance


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the ""PRO" scenario is the "most complex" part (now using SVT for a long time). Without very ! good knowledge in SAP PP process you will have trouble in SVT

But in a nutshell: a "process order" (in SAP PP) is started based on a "BOM". But this does not mean that you can not book "whatever you want" (= do goods movement for materials in reference the process order): That means: even if you believe: data in "CS03" (BOM display) should be used for process order: This is "NOT A MUST"

If a "process order" is started: you can "overwrite" BOM data (so the data in process order are not the same as in BOM).

Now coming back to the "chemical" part.

We need to differentiate "mixing" (from chemical point of view), "filling" from chemical point of view and "reaction"

Example one:

You would like to produce a cup of coffee with milk and sugar

The "Coffee" should be a material number, the milk should be a material number and the sugar will have a different material number. First: you will try to define a "BOM" for this (production BOM) to be used in the prcoess order.

The final "cup of coffee" should have a different material number

So overall: we have four material numbers. All material represent a "chemistry". Therefore you need a "REAL_SUB" to link to (per material number).

Any REAL_SUB must have a "SVT useful" composition (VERY IMPORTANT !!!)

Now: this process would be (from chemical point of view) a "mixing" (there is no chemical reaction; no new "CAS" number will be generated

Example 2: Many companies use the "process order" for doing the "filling"

Filling does mean: you combine material number 1 (Chemistry) with material number 2 (packaging material) to get a "packed" product (material number 3).

As we are talking about the same ! chemistry: Both material numbers should be linked to same REAL_SUB. From legislation point of view: this "filling" is of no interest as no CAS number will be generated

Example 3: (chemical reaction)

Here we need to seperate. We can have two basic variants.

Variant 1 is the most simple one: you generate only one material number (using the process order) using the "input" material numbers.

Variant 2: this is the more complex one: you generate one material number and additional material numbers (so called "by products)

Therefore: THIS BOM / BOS topic your are discussing depends on the data situation.

For Variant 1: only the "main" material number need to be considered in SVT. For Variant 2: the "main" material number and ! any byproduct must be considered

Therefore: after now using SVT for a long time: the "production scenario" is from business point the "most complex" one

Hope this helps a litte bit



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Hi Christoph, That was a very well explanation easy to get an overall idea. Thanks! One question though, is it necessary to use BOM-BOS to build the composition? This is because Our legal composition has similar components (Pure subs) that are assigned to the BOM components with corresponding real substance.