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Subscript in WWI report for Molecular Formula

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Dear SAP consultants,

I have requirement where I need to display the mol formula in Subscript form Ex:- H2O.

Identifier doesn't allow this and can only be maintained like H2O and same is displayed in WWI report .

Any way to achieve this.



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we have investigated this problem. We could never find a perfect solution. But you can play arround.

1.) Characters like "2", "3" (and may be some more) do have special "Codes" so that by using a special ASCII number you can generate direct ! in the identifier the wished "look and feel". therefore we have a "UNICODE" number for this character (in this case: the UNICOE Number is: U+00B2 for the 2 superscript and U+2082 for the 2 subscript

2.) The SAP system is used norDmally using "UNICODE" . So you can maintain such data (you need to use a "different" editor,.. but this is detail)

In a nutshell: do not try to find a solution using WWI but in SAP direct (but you can try with "customer specific function module" for display of identifiers in WWI


PS: For identifiers, userdefined text and phrases: you can change SAP set up so that you can use "Word" as the editor. In doing so: you can enter nearly any character; BUt PAY ATTENTION. Currently we do not have one ! WinWord Font for all characters. But this is detail

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Thanks Christoph.Will try this.