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stock report - material stock combined with eh&s data

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Hi all,

Our client wants to have a report which combines stock information linked with data which is maintained on specification level. (a.o. we want to add DPD and CLP classification data, imdg information, ....).
This client want to use this report as a basis in order to create seveso reporting, reporting related to environmental licences, .... Therefore, the client wants to be able to sort/group data based on the EH&S data in order to know the volumes/quantities that are available in a storage location....

Although it is not hard to imagine such a report is very usefull for customers who need to do reporting on specification data and quantities, I don not find a standard report that comes close to this requirement.

The main question we struggle with, is the format in which the data should be delivered and whether we do this on ECC6 or on BW.
Did any of you receive a similar question and if so, which strategy did you choose and why? Any input is more than welcome....

Kind regards,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Luk

well known demand. You have a number of options to deal with it. The demand is mainly linked to SAP IHS. To a certain extent the so called "Fire brigade" functionality can be used (after may be some adpations):

Pro: this solution is completely a SAP Standard one

Cons. you need SAP eWM on the top.

Generally: you should may be check if SuPM helps as in most cases by time the customer will have more and more similar demands

(refer to:

In any case: in my opinion its worth to read cross this (you need to activate EH&S part in SAP ECC EnhPack 3:may be refer to this thread as well:

The demand you are looking for/you need to find solutions for is asked for very often. In most cases customer specific solutions are used (with Z/Y Transaction etc.)  or solutions are used in combination with SAP BW which is a further option which you should analyse carefully (SuPM is such a solution). If you have one SAP ECC system and one SAP BW system you would need some extractore from EH&S (to get REAL_SUB informations etc.) and from SAP MM etc. so that you analyse stock informations etc. In most cases it is sufficient ot have data in SAP BW which is "weekly" accurate and not on a daily basis

There are further not so well known options: The Spec Info system of EH&S can be called by somebody different (not only SAP EH&S). Therefore you could prepare an output variant in EH&S which provides you REAL_Sub with DPD and CLP classification etc. data based on a mat number which you provide with a different transaction (based on SAP MM data as explained shortly above).

May be take a look as well here:

To a certain extent you will find SOA solutions for your demand as well (to a certain extent !)


Hope this helps

With best regards


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Hi Christoph,

Thanks again for your extensive feedback.

I'll go through all the links and probably come back to you when everthing becomes more clear...

Kind regards,


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