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std reports and tcodes in xMII

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Does anyone have a list of std reports and tcodes avaliable in xMII ?

Also it looks like POIT and POIM tcodes on the 6.0 side are more suited for production orders and discrete manufacturing. Are the equivalent transactions on the process side in order to send over process orders and recipes to the xMII system ?


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As far as I know there is no such direct transactions like POIT/POIM for Process Orders.

But here's something you can perform,

1) Create RFC destination in SM59

2) Create and assign Control Recipe destination (O10C) to the above RFC destination created (the Destination type must be external system)

3) Modify the destination of phases in Master recipe(C202) you wish to use.

4) Create Process Orders in (COR1), release it (which eventually creates control recipe)

5) Go to Control recipe monitor (CO53) and send the control recipe to Destination and since the destination is already configured to MII via NW as RFC, the Control recipe will be stored in MII buffer.

You can also refer to this Batch Manufacturing Templates released by SAP for Process industries (chemicals)

[Batch Manufacturing Wiki|]

Hope this helps!!



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