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start EHS expert using JCo

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We have an application running on tomcat which uses

Java and JCo. The application exports the HitList, updates Property Tree etc

-- We need to support running EHS Expert using Jco. Is it feasible?

-- We do not use Netweaver Application Server or Java Dyn Pro for tomcat. What are the benefits of using those in our case ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not familiar with Jaba/Jco. To my knowledge EHS Expert Server is installed on Windows server. E.g. refer to:

Communication is done only between SAP EH&S (transaction CG02) and EHS Expert Server in the SAP standard

Can you explaind in more detail your scenario in which you would like ot use the EHS Expert Server



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I meant to ask if its feasible to run rules on the EHS expert server from Java code.

I understand that a BAPI function is called to start processing the rules. So, the same BAPI or a wrapper around it can be called from Java. The reason for doing this is that we dont have SAP ABAP developers and I prefer Java code.

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I still struggle a little bit with your scenario. Let's try it different. in your original thread you mentioned:

"The application exports the HitList, updates Property Tree etc"

Therefore if I try to reengineer this; the result would be:

a.) you are able to specify a hit list in EH&S SAP, you can perform property updates direct (without use of EHS expert)

b.) therefore in theory you could start execution of the EH&S Expert process by your "java" because this process starts from hitlist. Data is retrieved (by use of the BAPIs) passed to the EH&S Expert Server; calculation ist started there and then the result values are passed back to SAP to be once again accepted by a BAPI which will write back the data to database.

What is needed from point of skill?

1.) you need somebody who knows the BAPIs to be used

2.) the Expert Server could pass back error codes etc. These need to be processed as well; no idea how you would lke to do it; normally this is done in the EHS framework.

Take a look here:

But if you are able to retrieve the data now and you can update the data in EH&S why you would like to us the EH&S Expert server? In theory if you have the data "downloaded" you can use Java code to manipulate etc. And after manipulation by using the BAPIs you can make updates in property tree. To a certain extent you reprogramm EHS Expert  in Java

Regarding BAPIs:

Please check this forum. The BAPIs have been mentioned. The function modules which are useful are:




BAPIs used in this context:







Hope this helps


PS: Examples of the use of the BAPIs are available in SAP. E.g.




May be check .e.g

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Java communicates (2 way) with ABAP BAPIs via RFC calls.

Code execution goes back and forth between ABAP and java.

So if EHS Expert is called using a BAPI call, then, in theory it can be called from Java.

Its great that you brought up that we can directly update the property tree bypassing EHS Expert.

But in my opinion it would take a lot of redundant effort for what EHS Expert already provides (or will provide in future ).

Thanks for the list of BAPIs.

Thank you Christoph for taking the time to answer my question.

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Dear Chad

the EH&S expert is integrated in EHS using a user exit. You start formhit list and calls the expert and you can (to my knowledge) specify which rules should be used to calculate something.

May be you still misinterpret a little bit the EHS Expert. Please think about "WinWord". Here (with WinWord) you have a tool with which you can write etc. documents. That there are no templates etc.

EHS Expert is the same. You have a "general" tool available to calculate something, but you do not have the calculation rules.

You have e.g. these options:

1.) buy the rules (only useful if you hava a standard EH&S without any adaptions by somebody)

2.) you can try to understand to implement the rules (please refer to documentation on SAP marketplace); but to my knowlede you will succeed only, if you have some SAP ABAP / Customizing know how

3.) or you can try to use your "Java" could to do the job

May be you should once again read cross these links

SAP Note 568302


- EH&S Expert

- Set of Rules

- Mapping tabble

And therein e.g. chapter:

Determining Secondary Data with the EH&S Expert

which explain how EH&S Expert is called using SAP EH&S.

On top: there is a so called "EHS Easy Expert" available. This feature is explained as well

Hope this helps


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Thank you Christoph for the detailed post.

We provide EHS Expert rules to our SAP customers. Currently we have ABAP code (Dyn Pro) calling the EHS Expert.

I wanted to know if its feasible to move that code to Java. The answer certainly seems to be Yes.

Thanks again.

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