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Specification link to Recipe

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This is a great blog regarding recipe development but I am having issues, I can create basic specifications, however when I go and try and link this specification to a recipe, I am getting no values in the specification list. It would be very helpful if I could get a bit more understanding on the link between the specification and recipe. I may have missed something in the configuration.

I am trying to use the Fiori apps for Recipe Development.

I can see the specifications in CG02.

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Don't worry its quite easy, the functionality Ur looking for is T2PO.

I'll list out in brief Technical steps

Specification is required for transferring over your finalized product to production system.Apart from that it just contains value which your looking for. Until its an Elementary level Spec(Ingredient or LIST_SUB) you don't maintain data in it.

1)Create a Spec - Its created initial as a empty placeholder

2)Create Recipe from Spec - You say both these steps are done.

When creating a recipe use the spec number-This is how Linking happens

3)Develop the Recipe - This is where formula items are added and which in-turn populates the values (Quantitative/Qualitative)

4)Finalize the recipe and do a T2PO(Transfer to Primary Output) this is when values will get copied over from Recipe to Spec.