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Specification inheritance program RC1R0INH cannot lock spec in order to up

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Hello Folks,

Am woundering if any of you have experienced an issue where program RC1R0INH (spec inheritance) is not able to lock a spec in order to perform an update.

The spec inherit job runs periodically, but at the end of its cycle it generate a message that "could not lock a spec".

Is there a way to identify where or what has a lock on the spec?

I appreciate any ideas that would lead to a resolution of my issue.

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Hello Alex

my experience with inheritance is quite old (last experience with EH&S 2.7) as we are not using this functionality. Important to know: which release of SAP EH&S are you using? did you activated Enhanc. Packs and do you use ECC 6.0? The reason of this question is that SAP has improved inheritance a lot in the last years and therefore answers depend a little bit on the release you are using etc.

Normally if the jobs run periodically there "must" be a time frame in which the update can be done regarding the target specs. As my experience is really old in using inheritance normally I would assume that you should get more info in the log of the job so that you can identify the specs which are "locked". In any case: there are "rare" circumstances there the target specs are locked for more than 1 hour therefore if the job runs e.g. any 15 min than after some time the values should have been inherited at the target specs.

In ECC 6.0 and higher locking mechanism changed a littlte bit (because now no cg02/3/4 exists but only cg02).

PS: you can "push" the inheritance manually and you need not to wait. If this works fine the relations will updated and if i remember correct you wil get the info tha the inheritance has been done "consistent".

Using higher releases of SAP (I believe with Enh. Pack 6) a new functionality should be avalaible. Using the hit list you can perform than an inquiry to get an idea about which source spec inherits data to which target spec. As Enh.Pack 6 can be assumed to be in Ramp up this year (Q3 ?) and may be if this functionality is helpful it might be a good idea to implelent a customer specific user exit to perform this inquiry.

With best regards


PS: There is a customizing parameter: INH_JOB_DELAY. Using this paramater the job should try the same "inheritance" after ... min / hours etc. (epending how you define the value)

Edited by: Christoph Bergemann on Sep 15, 2011 7:37 PM