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Special WWI report symbols

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Dear EHS community

in reference to and based on discussion in

this special report symbol was "presented":


I found this link:

But can this symbol be used to solve the topic as discussed in Anybody out there which does have used this type of repeating group and could provide an example? seems to be have some  link to dicussion on validity area as well.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Christoph,

I'm afraid I can't help you here. The reason is simply that I don't know how C14N_GEN_EXIT_CHECK_VALAREA works and what it does exactly. In general, when you call a FM or User Exit via a symbol, the symbol reads in the value of teh characteristic the normal way and passes it on to the FM. The FM crunshes the data and delivers a value back to the symbol, which in turn prints it. So the magic question is: What kind of data crunshing does C14N_GEN_EXIT_CHECK_VALAREA do? Based on the name I'd say it does somehow check the validity area of the VAT, but against what does it do the check?


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Dear Ralph

I started an investigation on my side. I have these recommendations to SAP:

1.) change the name of the function module:


it is "wrong from a specific point of view. I checked coding etc. very interesting. But FM should be renamed as:

C14N_GEN_EXIT_CHECK_USAGE (as you can check rating or validity are (but not both at the same time according to my analysis)

Story is like this:

Assuming you have this "draft" structure:


Then you need to prepare

1.) a user exit of a special type

2.) make a "copy" of


C14N_GEN_EXIT_CHECK_VALAREA supports "one" input parameter.

Lets assume customer exit would have been named "Z_SAP", then syntax is like this:


Value "PUBLIC" in an "Import" parameter; the customer exit "Z_SAP" does have reference to your customer specific FM.

Now the "PUBLIC" can be checked. Any data record still passed on to "WWI" logic can be "rechecked".

One "strange" example could be: on generation variant level you have assigned rating "PUBLIC" and "STANDARD" having the same prio. Now in e.g. density you have one data record with PUBLIC and one with STANDARD (ignoring for a "second" validity area of the usage of the data records).

Now by use of the SAP origin FM and by "recoding" you can "subselect" only data records with "PUBLIC" (in this case) and not "STANDARD".

The FM interface is designed in such a way that you can check "usage" (e.g. rating or validity area). Therefore the "name" of the SAP FM one is "wrong" from a specific point of view.

Combining that: you must specifiy in generation variant level "rating" and "validity areas". The report symbols as shown "act" later (if the "primary" data have been selected.)

I have no idea how really to use this type of report symbol in real life. But one do have now many options


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