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SOP report goes into word repaginating

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I am facing a word repaginating porblem while opening my SOP report.

I have assigned a DMS doc with doc type SBV to the specification work (it is a word .docx file) . I created the report SOP from the specification work bench and it is in realsed state also. But when I tried to view the released report either from CG54 or report management , the word document that is opening goes into the state of word repaginating . It remains in the same status till i cancel the action. But during this process the system outputs the report template perfectly to the extent of report body but the part where i have assigned the DMS doc show some wierd symbols.

If I try to view the report from 'report from template' functionality in CG02 or from cg42 I get the output of dms document as well along with the report template.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ashish,

Here you would not only have to take care of the document type settings of SBV, but also of SBR and SBE.

Document type SBR (not SBV) is used for generating reports for specifications using released report templates and contain expanded specification data. While, SBV is for only defining the report template in which you use symbols of various symbol types to define the layout of your reports. The link between report templates and report generation variants enables you to generate reports (SBR) and final reports (SBE).

Hence, the problem may be of incorrect settings in document types SBR and SBV. Check the document status and workstation application settings of these doc types based on SAP note # 0000995736.

Hope, above solves your problem.


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HI Ashish,

Seems that there is an issue with RFC connections with WWI. Please check the Batch jobs and the long text if you find any errors ( assuming all other cusomizations are correct ). You need to check the compatability of WWI version with your MS office version in your PC.