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Set Up Table Based Value Assignment

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Hi Gurus,

While executing the table based value assignment type step, after creating  the VATs and mentioning the precise Spec Type, in the next step the VATs do not appear in the View: EHS – VAT Table Display. In this case how to procede with assigning  VAT to Characteristics.



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Answers (2)

Former Member
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Dear Meghna

Please list down the steps you followed in SPRO, so it will be easy to resolve the issue.


John Zacharia

Active Contributor
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Dear Meghna

may be i did not catch correct your doubts but:

1.) if you would like to enhance the property tree by introducing a new property you need first to create the "value assignment type". During this activitiy you need to check what type of VAT you would like to use. We have e.g. "A", "B", "C" etc. In most cases it is of type "A" or "B" or "C". But you can "mix".

Example: you can define a VAT as "C" but still assign a "class" to VAT. In this case must have prepared class and characteristics accordingly.

2.) It seem that you have selected type "A" during the set up; now you need the "class" and the "characteristics" and then you can go on with customizing activity "table based value assignment type"

Based on your decision which type of characteriic is need may be you need to prepare a phrase set, assign phrases etc.

Hope this helps