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Send Blank/null parameters to a MII transaction that makes a call to BAPI

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At first, believe I investigated in a lot of places, and I have not find nothing that can help me.

Im creating a web page that wants to call the production orders with different search criteria.

Im using BAPI_PRODORD_GET_LIST, to get the orders list. Transaction works fine.

My problem is that not all the times I need to send the same parameters, and sometimes some of them need to be blank or null, depending the criteria.

For instance. Criteria that i want is by plant, workcenter, order type. When I send all the parameters is not problem. But next time i dont want to send the parameter OrderType, because I want all the orders of any type. How can i do that?

Do I have to create several calls in the same transaction? create several transactions ? or make a filter?

Thank you for your help in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As per my knowledge and understanding I can suggest following things.

Check your BAPI in se37 with different criteria whatever you want to filter order list if it works fine than

you can pass same criteria in your BLS Transaction it should work.

hope it helps!!


Manoj Bilthare

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What you want to do is overwrite the parameters each time you execute the BAPI. Frequently we will create a Local property called Local.Blank of type string that is either empty or contains "" (two double quotes) or " " (double quotes around a space). You can test it with your version of MII and see which works properly on the BAPI. If you do not want a specific order type then overwrite the present contents with Local.Blank.



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Thanks Mike for information!!!

I thought there is problem with input data to BAPI.


Manoj Bilthare

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hello, you can use in the link this function:

stringif( condition, tringfortrue, stringforFalse ).

to link to BAPI´s Parameter.

ej: stringif( Transaction.Plant != "", Transaction.Plant, "" )

then, if the parameter isnt empty, parameter's value will be assigned to BAPI, else parameter's value will be "". You must use this condition for the 4 parameters.


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