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SAP Specification Property Tree and UoM

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In CG02 , for a given Spec

For Property Tree under Value assignments , we see unit of measure ment as per Techincal Format (6 Char)

is it possible to see in Unit of Measurement Text (Maximum 10 Characters) ????

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Dear Niketan

based on comment of Mark some additional remarks

CG02 does have a "look and feel"; for  UOM based topics 8and you can e.g. convert like G <=> KG etc. in CG02)

Most of SAP EHS users are feeling quite comfortable with teh "llok and feel" (100% agreed to comment of Mark). But if there might be the need to "do" something a good starting point is a "output varian" (having the limitation that you can not maintain but display only)

Luckily: if you have really understood how SAP has delivered CG02 you know that you can "exchange/adapt/enhance") nearly any screen you see (but nodody which I know has done this)

But this would be a nice (and very big) project... But from technical point of view: it is possible.

E.g. For WWI purposes you can as print something "different" if needed


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Hi Niektan,

No CG02 always stores and displays the technical name of the UoM - there is no setting to change this.

I think this is ok, as this application is used mainly by "scientific" people which are used to technical UoMs rather then commercial UoMs

Kind Regards