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SAP S/4HANA for Product Compliance: "Reverse" Outdated supplier status

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Hello Community

In performing some tests in an SAP S/4HANA for Product Compliance (on prem, 2023) I set a supplier of a raw material to "outdated". 

How can I reverse this status? I can't add it as a new supplier, the system retrieves an error message stating that the supplier is already assigned to the raw material! 

Do I have to create a new PO with the supplier?

SAP Help isn't very helpful 

SAP Product and REACH Compliance SAP S/4HANA for product compliance 

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i try to read between the lines.

Step 1: you have prepared a purchase order with a "compliant" relevant material

Step two: you have "assessed" the supplier of the material as "ok". But now you have "revoked" this (changed to "outdated")

Step 3: as a consquence (if system set up is like this): the process was blcoked and you can not go on with the purchase order

As we are not analysiing yet the new solution as you on this "detail level". these would be my "best" assumption based on current knowlegde of the new solution

If the process "stopped" (as supplier is not ok) you should have now a new "Request from logistic process" in one of the Apps. 

I would assume: it should be possible to "reassess" the supplier now at least for the PO in charge.

But based on your story: you tried still to get the "reassessment" but without success.

In a different thread i have asked a different question. Never received an answer. May be you know the answer? "Who" is checked in the "PO" process? is it the "supplier" or the "goods supplier"? The "" is not explaining this..

I am honestly not sure if you can do a "reassessment"... but the status "outdated" is "strange"; i would assume: for an "outdated" assessment you can do something.

Sorry that no further help is possible,.


PS: may be check deeper


The definition of outdated is: 

"Set the status to Outdated to indicate that the supplier is no longer used for the raw material."

But this "business status" can change (from point of view); currently the supplier might be "outdated"; but you should be abel to use the material / supplier in the future.

This is then a mater (may be) of "timestamps"....  e.g. if the delivey date is today... you could change the date... and by using this (assumption) may be a new "assessment of material / supplier is possible

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Hello again Christoph.

This question has been answered in another group, by Michael Mulder:

"Right now, once the status "outdated" is set, this is currently not reversable.  As I understand it (but I haven't personally tested this), recreation is only possible after the ILM retention period has passed and the Supplier Material has been physically deleted. There is currently a ticket open on this issue and a development team is working on this."

On further exploration in my customer's testing machine, I indeed verified thar PC in fact blocks the supplier for the specific material to which it was set as "outdated" (and for all purchasing organizations of the company) but not for other materials. As so, I'll be cautious and warn users not to set the suppliers as outdated as the only way to work around this situation is to "delete" the supplier's current BO and create a new BO for it. (Sorry for some lack of accuracy in some terms, MM is still new to me).