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SAP S/4HANA for Product Compliance: Deep concern regarding Regulatory Content Update (OnPrem)

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Dear Community

I was convinced, as is/was my customer, that SAP provides regular Regulatory Content Updates, compliance requirements (legal aspects) and listed substance content, as well as suitable data content and regulatory graphics, outside version upgrades: see note 3055767 - Configuration of the SAP Regulatory Content Service for Product Compliance and Environment, Health,...

This is an especially critical feature regarding OnPrem installations, which only upgrade every two years, risking serious threats to business due to lagging contents.

I just attended the webinar "Ensure Product Compliance with SAP S/4HANA for Product Compliance", with Product Marketing Manager for Product Compliance, Dr. Rüdiger Kreuzholz. At the end he stated that only listed substances, phrases and graphics substances can be updated outside version upgrades. 

Now I'm confused and deeply concerned as without the option of updating compliance requirements, the solution is basically worthless? 

An important note: It's my first implementation of this product - in this case, OnPrem, version 2023 - and the note cited above (as well as its "companion" note 3344198) has not yet been implemented (as of the writing of this post, "we" are waiting for the reply from the "API Business Hub Enterprise").

Thank you for your help in advance.

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All I can say is that I'm deeply disappointed at this stage. 

Maybe I expect too much from and OnPrem versions of PC, but these high expectations were literally sold to my client and then, by proxy (so to say), to me - I work at an SAP Partner and we were hired to implement both PC and EHS solutions for S/4HANA the client had already bought. 

Mind you, I think the solutions work fine and have a great potential (even if still a bit buggy). But regulatory/legal content is the backbone of this solution; I'll risk trying a new expression: regulatory/legal content is the "meta" master data around which everything works. Without a regular update of this content, the solution, I'll say it again, is basically useless. 

Alas, there's always a solution and I'll take this as an opportunity for growth and (business) expansion! As Nobel Laureate ( Physiology or Medicine) Craig Mello said, "If it were easy, it wouldn't be as fun".

@christoph_bergemann , @ruediger_kreuzholz thank you for your kind replies and I'd like to apologize for some bitterness in my words, please try and understand them from my point of view.


Paulo Pinto.

Active Contributor

Hello Paulo

myself and partially Rüdiger tried to provide hints as: if you would like to use Product Compliance NOW.. it is better to select the "Cloud" variant as you wil get much faster updates regarding the functionality: Regarding on prem version: you need now to wait until roughly november 2025 to get new functionalities.

The concepts in the new Product Compliance are not easy to understand (coming from EHS classic). BUt as you stated correctly... if you take time in understanding the concepts etc. you will realize that the business is more "guided" in maintaining data and we can expect to gain speed

One of the core Apps is e.g. "Request from logistic".... the SAP idea is quite niece. (Hint: Please use the "SAP Learning Hub" to get more insight in this software)

Example: if we have purchase order and the materials inside are "relevant" for PC: you get a "request from logistic" If you have set up the system very clever... then you know: which requirement to fulfill and then you "assess" only the needed data. After assessment is done: the material can be purchased "in principle" at any point in time (with sime buts.. but this is a long story).

So the new SAP design tries to use the "user perspective" and the "legal perspective". You need only to enter and maintain the data for the respectiv context.

Step by step the amount of data as maintained will grow etc.

In the "old" days (using EHS Classic) most of the companies used the EHS Classic process different. They tried to prepare ALL the data for ANY scenario you can think of from "start of the life of the material/REAL_SUB" combination.

Step by step  SAP will provde new features and at the end we will have really powerful solution.

KEEP IN MIND: in EHS Classic it is not so easy to analyse "what happens if".. this is much better supported (on long term) in the new software. And still you have a very good control regarding the data etc.

Wish you the best