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SAP PPM security

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We have the following requirement in PPM.

User should have access to create/change item and initiatives but should have only display access to financial planning at bucket, item and initiative level.

As financial planning can be viewed from bucket, item and initiative screens respectively, I presume that create/change access will enable the same access to financial planning as well.

Please let me know if there is any restriction on financial planning.

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We are waiting for your update as we are implementing PPM roles. Please assist us at the earliest.

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HI Rajinikanth,

Function based access is not provided via the standard roles in SAP PPM.

Access to Portfolio management objects in SAP PPM is controlled via ACL's. In your scenario, you could restrict the display access to bucket level but providing read only access to the user/role on the bucket ACL, and provide edit access only on the item/initiative level. This will restrict users from editing any financial planning on the bucket.

But if you provide write/admin access on the Item level, then the corresponding user/role will have access to edit financial planning on that item.