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SAP PC0 monitoring

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Hi Experts,

Like SAP ME processes are monitored, do we have any mechanism to monitor PCo health and related services which are important?

I used remote monitoring in the past, which is really monitoring the agent's health/connection. Apart from it, is there any other option available?

We are using SAP PCo 15.4

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HI Neha,

1. PCo Remote Monitoring is still available as an option.

2. You can use SAP MII Transactions to execute SOAP Web Service operations against the PCo Main Service or Management Host Service (http:<server>:<ServicePort>/PCoManagement (ServicePort is usually 50050 in default PCo installations). Unfortunately the help documentation for these web service actions do not appear to be included with the current PCo documentation; however, the Web Service operations for monitoring and agent start/stop/restart control are straightforward to implement.

3. You can configure Windows Performance Counters to monitor PCo Agent Instances. See this help document section.

Regards, Steve