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In SAP MII SSC (Self Service Composition Dashboard),

There is some issue I am facing while doing some customization on the UI of SSC.

I added two UI5 drop down with Dynamic Data Source and my requirement is populating the second drop down

as per the selected value of the first drop-down.For that what I need to get the instance of first drop down

along with its selected value and then pass it as a parameter in query so that the second drop down can be populated.

The constraint lies in

1)Getting instance of the drop down to get the selected

I have tried adding some custom code to get the drop down instance but no help.Here is the part of the customized added


This is not giving any error but not working.

Please help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Swapna,

In SSCE, if you click on the first dropdown in design, the events are given in the properties.

You can put your change method name in onSelect.

Let's say you put the method name handleChange in onSelect. In the custom code area, the method will be generated for you.

In the method implementation you can call the getSelectedKey to retrieve the selected value.

function handleChange(){



You can also refer to the how to guide for UIElements



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Thanks a lot Pooja its working fine...

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Can you please also post the best practices way to reload a drop down list box?  Currently the documentation above does not indicate how to refresh or reload the drop down list box.  As a work around you can re-add it to the form and then draw the form again but this loads the entire form.  Suggestions and recommendations for loading only a single drop down list box in SSCE is appreciated.



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Hi Sam,

In 15.1 FP1 You can use the following method.

1. DropdownBox1_c0c0.updateItems();

2. If you wanted to pass a parameter to the Query template of dropdown you can use it like this

DropdownBox1_c0c0.updateItems({"Param.1" : key});
where key is the selectedkey value from the dropdown box



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Hi Sriram,

I am on SAP MII 15.0 SP4.I used updatedItems() as below.

dropdown_c0c0.updateItems({"Param.1" : plant})

it is throwing error.Looks like it is available in SAP MII 15.1.

Can you please let me know how to pass the param to drop down and update/refresh the drop down?



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