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SAP EHS Data Migration of from ECC to S4

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Hello Experts,

I would like migrate the Specification data from ECC to S4 .(Especially REAL_SUB)

I am ware of the standard procedures.

I dont want to migrate the data which is derived from Expert rules because I would like to run the rules on the target system again.

So in this case. I would like to know what are the mandatory value assignment data that I need to migrate to target system with respect to REAL_SUB. (For example Denisty Flashpoint)



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one add on to my last answer

"I dont want to migrate the data which is derived from Expert rules because I would like to run the rules on the target system again."

1.) if you use EHS Expert and you using rule sets e.g, as delivered by SAP: you should have a documentation in place in which property new data will be generated

2.) so "simply"; any property in which data is generated by a rule set is "out of scope" of your migration approach; you have "only" to make sure that any data is migrated which is consumed by the rule set (e.g. compositon data and over "primary data")

3.) as any company is using a different approach for EHS Expert Server (and which rules they are using): you need to analyse first which rules are applied (refer above) and what is the target property

4.) Keep in mind this; many rule sets need data on level of "PURE_SUB" and "LIST_SUB"; and many companies using EHS Expert rules "buy" content (on LIST_SUB level you will do regular upload of data; therefore: you need to decide what migration approach you will use for "LIST_SUB"/"PURE_SUB" objects; more or less the same might be true for "LS_UN_SUB" and / or DG_CL_SUB objects (depends on the fact if you "buy" content or not)

On top: the "critical" part of the migration is on top the SAP MM part. Any EHS process (e.g. SDS dispatch, GLM Process, DG process etc.) need the material number (linked to some REAL_SUB); on Material level you have to check as well "EHS" relevant data for migration (e.g. for GLM: LabelView; for SVT: may be you use the SVT material class; at least you need the "environmental flag" and the material must be linked to REAL_SUB

If you have used in your old system for "SDS" dispatch... story is much more complex (more or less: you need to answer the question: is there the need to "migrate" as well WWI or Inbound documents


PS: so overall: if you migrate something: it is not only "REAL_SUB" data you need to check

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your core question is: I would like to know what are the mandatory value assignment data that I need to migrate to target system with respect to REAL_SUB. (For example Denisty Flashpoint) (and what "migration approaches exist)

These are my assumptions:

1.) You have an SAP ECC/ERP system in place in which EHS classis is used (e.g. EHS-BD, EHS-SAF etc:)

2) You would like to create a new ! SAP system using the most current software as available. Assuming you are using a "on Premise" solution; the most current software is the S/4 HANA Release called 1909; may be (I did not checked market place) you will get in the next weeks the first "Feature pack"; The next S/4 HANA release will be 2009 (in september this year)

3.) EHS classic (e.g. EHS-BD, EHS-SAF) is supported in the "Compatibility Mode" in S/4 HANA Release

Coming back to you question:

Step one would be: set up S/4 HANA System and activate EHS classic

Step two would be: prepare a blue print for set up of EHS and do the "primary" installation (customizing set up etc.)

Step 3 depends on your "wishes"/experience" and many other facts. For this: please check the Blog "Data Migration"

Therefore: one simple approach would be: use ALE for data migration

I am sorry, I can not confirm 100% feedback of Satya based on my know how regarding S/4 HANA environment


PS: there is an important statement in your "wish list"!: you do no want to migrate "Expert data".; if this is a valid restriction: then my proposal is slightly different (but much more complex to write down)

But there are lot of pitfalls !!

PPS; if my assumption is not correct (so you will just do an upgrade of one SAP ECC/ERP system to S/4 HANA: please ignore my answer; this is "more simple" (and complex from the other point of view)

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Hello dheerajkakumanu

Difficult to answer in this forum , its all together big theme,

lets consider in this way, its not 100% accurate, but breakdown of a iceberg into smaller pieces,

Section 1—Identification: Product identifier, manufacturer or distributor name, address, phone number, emergency phone number, recommended use, and restrictions on use. Strictly for company Specific -

You can migrate this.

Section 2—Hazard(s) identification: All hazards regarding the chemical and required label elements.

You cannot migrate this fully,

Section 3—Composition/Information on ingredients: Information on chemical ingredients and trade secret claims.

You can migrate based on - which comopstion you want to run the rulesets.

Section 4—First-aid measures: Required first aid treatment for exposure to a chemical and the symptoms (immediate or delayed) of exposure.

You can migrate this.

Section 5—Fire-fighting measures: The techniques and equipment recommended for extinguishing a fire involving the chemical and hazards that may be created during combustion. You can migrate this.

Section 6—Accidental release measures: Steps to take in the event of a spill or release involving the chemical. Includes: emergency procedures, protective equipment and proper methods of containment and cleanup.

You can migrate this.

Section 7—Handling and storage: Precautions for safe handling and storage, including incompatibilities.

You can migrate this.

Section 8—Exposure controls/Personal protection: OSHA’s permissible exposure limits (PELs), threshold limit values (TLVs), appropriate engineering controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

You cannot migrate this data cause you want to get this data via expert

Section 9—Physical and chemical properties: The chemical’s characteristics.

You cannot migrate this fully,

Section 10—Stability and reactivity: Chemical stability and possible hazardous reactions.

You cannot migrate this.

Section 11—Toxicological information: Routes of exposure (inhalation, ingestion, or absorption contact), symptoms, acute and chronic effects, and numerical measures of toxicity.

You cannot migrate this.

Section 12—Ecological information: How the chemical might affect the environment and the duration of the effect.

You cannot migrate this.

Section 13—Disposal considerations—describes safe handling of wastes and methods of disposal, including the disposal of any contaminated packaging.

You cannot migrate this fully.

Section 14—Transportation information—includes packing, marking, and labeling requirements for hazardous chemical shipments.

You cannot migrate this.

Section 15—Regulatory information—indicates regulations that apply to chemical.

You cannot migrate this.

Section 16—Other information—includes date of preparation or last revision.

You cannot migrate this fully.

PS: It completely depends on the business decision and how they are currently using SAP EHS & how they wanna use in S4HANA.

I hope it will be helpful.