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Do any body have access to following SAP Press book, as this book is not getting available on any book store.

Implementing SAP Environment, Health, and Safety

Best Practices for Design, Configuration, and Implementation

Author - Noertemann, Markus



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Hello Vikram

I am sorry. Some weeks ago I asked the publisher and they answered that this book will not be published and that there is no activity running to do so.

In addition the new version of the PLM book (third edition), in which EH&S is described as well, is on "hold" that means they are looking for some people who will write the new version. So we have to wait.

So regarding EH&S you need still to do a research either on or on marketplace. Little bit surprising in the context of the announced SAP sustainability approach. A good book describing the EH&S which has grown a lot in the last years would be really helpful.

With best regards


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Hello Christoph,

I agree with you that it is really surprising and painful at times for not having a proper SAP EH&S implementation book like other modules. Even more when you notice SAP's so much thrust in the Sustainability space at large.

Lets hope that something is in the offering very soon.



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It means, this book was not published in past and there are minor chances that this book will get published. Hope with change in SAP approch for EHS and other related modules, more documentation willl be available for implementation of EHS.

Wait and watch for more news from SAP.

Thanks for response