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SAP DM - Difference between Quantity Confirmaion and Yield Confirmation

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Dear all experts,

I'd like to know the difference between "Production Order Quantity Confirmation" and "Production Order Yield Confirmation".

  • What triggers these confirmation?(Is it when each operation is completed or SFC is completed?)
  • When these confirmation are integrated to S/4, is GR triggered?


Koichi Okamoto

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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"Production Order Quantity Confirmation" is triggered from order-based flow in Order POD using Quantity Confirmation POD Plugin or APIs and does not trigger GR, as GR is posted in Order POD separately.

"Production Order Yield Confirmation" is triggered from SFC-based flow in Work Center / Operation Activity PODs once SFC is completed at a given operation if the operation is marked as a SAP ERP reporting step and GR is triggered if that specific operation is marked as "Last Reporting Activity" in the routing.


For "Production Order Quantity Confirmation"

Posting Quantity Confirmation
Creating Goods Receipt

For "Production Order Yield Confirmation"
Production Yield Confirmation on Operation Complete
Creating Goods Receipt

Hope it helps,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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