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Risk assessment in S4 HANA

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Hi Experts

Please help me for the following issues.

  • T-codes like CBIH12 ( Edit risk assessment) are not working in S4 HANA.
  • Creating risk assessment in S4 HANA
  • Which component need to be activated to get risk assessment in S4 HANA and how.
  • How can I assign technical object (Equipment or Functional location) to risk assessment.
  • How can I Integrate PM module to EHSM module.

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Answers (4)

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Thank you, Christop, Michael & Scott for your valuable answers. Now I am able to sort out my answer after checking the simplification list provided by Christop.

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Hi Raviteja,

I see that Christoph and Mike have addressed the topic of depreciation of the former EH&S module and pointed you to the information regarding the latest S4 EH&S application.

Regarding your question about PM integration in the new RA application; the former Work Area master data object has been replaced with a new object known as Location. The new Location object is the key mechanism of integration between EH&S and PM technical objects in a similar way as the Work Area was in the past. I think you will find there are numerous improvements in the new Location object functionality over the former Work Area functionality including in the area of PM integration.

If you are still working with Work Areas, SAP has provided some tools to help migrate the Work Area Structure and Work Areas into S4. This will require careful planning if you currently have integrated objects (PM or others) linked to your Work Areas.

Use this link to learn more about EH&S Locations:



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As Christoph mentioned, this T Code and functionality does not exist exactly in S/4HANA. However, there is a new risk assessment, IH sampling, and hazardous substance management functionality for SAP EHS in S/4HANA that replaces what was in this T code and others from the old SAP EH&S products. Please refer to the product page for EHS or we can try to provide you some solution collateral explaining what is now available.

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before you ask a question: please perform an inquiry if your topic is not yet been addressed. And this is the fact for your topic (e.g.

In a nutshell;

check this document:


  • T-codes like CBIH12 ( Edit risk assessment) are not working in S4 HANA.

This TCODE is not supported any more in S/4 HANA; But in the above listed pdf file: you will find the follow up solution to be used as an alternative

Therefore: just read the pdf file and i hope that you will find answers for all your questions