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Restrictions/ Usage/ Validity Area/ Validity Area Category for DG

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Hi Experts,

Following situation:

At the moment we have the dangerous goods management in EH&S active.

So we use the substance to build our "UN-Numbers" and we use the Classification "CL***" to build the dangerous goods classification.

For each legal UN-Number we create one Substance with value assignment instance for each regulation. For example for UN1993 we create the substance UN1993 and in the property tree we assign for each regulation one value assignment instance.

Means 3 instances one for ADR, IATA_C and IMDG. For each of these instances we use the standard usage (Validity Area) "DANGEROUSG:REG_WORLD"

Now we create one Classification for the Substance UN1993, for example CL1993. So we do it so, that CL1993 inherits from UN1993. In this classification in the Transport Class. Tab we assign to each DG Regulation the UN1993 and release them.

So, now we assign a material which is related to this UN-Number to the classification and do the filling (DGE5).


Everything is ok, the Dangerous Goods Master is created for 3 Regulations.

But the filling log (DGP7) shows error msg DGA422 "Specification CL1993 value assignment SAP_EHS_1022_024 not saved (same priorities)"

But everything is ok.


If I now change the usage of the Substance UN1993 instances for ADR to "DANGEROUSG: DGADR", for IATA_C to DANGEROUSG: DGIATA_C, for IMDG to DANGEROUSG: DGIMDG the filling will be ok.

But now my questions is. Where I have to use which Usages? because, also in the header of the Substance and classification there must be a Restriction (Validity Area).

We have only the SAP standard values in the EH&S:

VAreaCat | Val. Area | Description


REGION | ADR | ADR states

REGION | DE | Germany

DGREGION | DGADNR | ADNR regulation - inland waterway

DGREGION | DGADR | ADR regulation - road

DGREGION | DGCFR | CFR regulation - all modes of trans. USA

DGREGION | DGGGVE | GGVE regulation - rail

DGREGION | DGGGVS | GGVS regulation - road

DGREGION | DGIATA_C | IATA_C regulation - plane / cargo

DGREGION | DGIATA_P | IATA regulation - plane / passenger

DGREGION | DGIMDG | IMDG regulation - sea

DGREGION | DGRID | RID regulation - rail

REGION | ES | Spain

REGION | FR | France

REGION | GB | Great Britain

REGION | REG_EU | European Union


REGION | RID | RID states



So what is the right way to use the restriction/ usage ?

Thank you in advance.

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Answers (2)

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So we should use DGREGION.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards!

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I did not catch perfect your question. There is a "restriction tab" on "specification header". This restriction tab has a special purpose. It is not related / linked to the DG master filling (to my knowledge) and it is used "rarely".

Regarding the "restriction tab" refer to this help: => Specification Management => Specificaiton Editing => Restrictions

Now coming back to your topic: based on the DG customizing you can specifcy which "usage" is that which is used to retrieve the data during filling (you need to define regulatory lists etc.).

This topic is a little bit complex in my opinion. Based on your set up you need to maintain the UN substances "different" so that the filling does work.

May be take a look here:

In one of the customizing acitiviies there is a "flag" with which you specify the priority regarding rating. Normalyl the "prioritty "is selected you have done "first DANGEROUSG and than STANDARD.

I believe in a different customizing acitvity the link between regulatory list (IMDG) an validity area (DGIMDG) is done. Based on this set up the filling is done.

So my proposal is to do a recheck of DG customizing.

With best regards


PS: On the top you have this validity area type (DGREGION) which you need take care

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