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Hi guys,

Actually i m new to xMII.

can u plz tell me the ans for these questions?

1.what is xAPP?

2.what is xMII? Whats its uses? Where it can b applicable?

3.Is xMII is the product of xAPP's? what all r da products are available in xAPP's.

4.Whether xMII is SAP's component?

and alos can u plz suggest me wer i can get good material for xMII?

plz help me frndz......


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Three places I would suggest and probably in this order:

1. SAP Training on xMII (WNALH1 and WNALH2)

2. SAP xMII Help Documentation available at (http://<servername>/LighthammerCMS/Help/SAP_xMII_Help.htm)

3. This forum, but by asking specific, not general questions.

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