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Rendering XML output (with large number of columns) to browser breaks

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We have a stored procedure in our database which returns a cursor with over 400 columns. When we call the stored procedure from within the QT (using mode FixedQueryWithOutput), it renders just fine and very quickly in CSV format. however, when we attempt to render it (e.g. post it) as HTML format or XML format, it takes a very long time to render (even thought the results come back very quickly).

We are using the following specs:

OS: Microsoft Vista

Browser: IE (v7.0)

Java: Java 6, patch 20 (plug-in disabled)

Any hints/help would be greatly appreciated!

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Answers (2)

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Thanks this helps alot!

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Hi Aaron

How do you render to HTML or XML? And what MII version you are using?

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thank you for responding.

We are using MII 12.1 SP6. We are rendering to HTML and XML from within the SAP MII Workbench. We do the following:

1) Opening the Query template which calls the stored procedure

2) Clicking the "Execute" icon

3) When the "Test Query Template" dialog pops up, select the following options:

- Display: Browser


- Content Type: text/html or text/xml

You could also use the Runner functionality to get the XML format (since we include this query template in a wrapper Transaction). Let me know if you need any more information.

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Hi Aaron,

Can you limit the output to a very few rows on the 400 columns you have to render? It might be a memory or a XML parser constraint on the output client.

Other option: save the XML in a file (WEB area) then try to export & open the saved data with the browser.

This will tell you if the error is at the client level. Also, you can examine the output easily, offline.

This is practically what I'm doing to analyze XML data transferred to and from SAP using various RFCs.

IE 8.0 never crashed with XMLs having a size of 3Mb or more (approx 60columns, 10000+ rows, 14 different tables).