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regarding Cfolder

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<b>dear gurus,

i have one query.

when u see home page of c folder, on left hand side various functions are defined like

Collaborative Scenarios



Received Notifications

Sent Notifications

Status Management


User Groups

now my question is , i want to add one more function. is it possible. plz help me regarding this.


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Answers (2)

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There are no standard way to do this.

The method cl_cfx_service_list_ui=>get is used to populate the list.

If possible modify this and add your link here.



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These are the only function given by SAP in cfolder.

you can implemetn your function by using the available function....

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hi shivshankar mule,

how? can u explain it. if u have any document related this, plz send on my email id.

my id is



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What else function you need? I see Competitive Scenario is missing in the list you mentioned. If you need this add in the relevant roles, it would then be visible.



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hi Kadiam ,

i want to add <b>contact</b> function , in which i want to give my contact details, so that users can contact me .

plz help regarding this.

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I doubt if there's any standard way? Sorry

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Hi Amit,

If you click on the user name in cFolders it displays the contact details.

Eg. If user US1 has created a collaboration/document etc. his/her name appears as a link next to the collaboration name under created by ... If you click on this name, you can anyway see the contact information.



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HI reema,

i am working as functional consulatant and giving support to end users.

my question is, if end users want to contact me, there should be some contact details of mine , so that they can easily contact me.

thats why i want to put my as well as my colleguages contacts .

hope u got what i want to say.



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Hello Amit,

Why don't you create a 'Collaborative Folder' with a name like '. Contact details of Consultants' (thus it shows at the top of the list of collaborations). Within this folder you could add Notes for each consultant with the contact details.

If you set the authorisations of this folders to read only your users won't be able to change the details, but can access these.