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Reading File from a Desktop/ShareFolder in SAP MII 14.0

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Dear Experts,

I have a situation where I want to read a CSV file from a source different than SAP MII server. Basic intention is to read a file from a desktop or some shared folder.

My first doubt is- Is it really possible in SAP MII 14.0 version?

But still I tried doing the same. Used Get File Text Loader action and text loader and provided file path from desktop which gives me an error. Here's the syntax I tried with mask as .csv:

  • C://Users/XXX/Desktop
  • C:\Users\XXX\Desktop
  • C:/Users/XXX/Desktop

Error I get is as follows:

  • [ERROR] [Get_File_List_0]GetFileList: Access to the file path /C://Users/XXX/Desktop is not allowed

Please advise, if it is really possible in MII 14.0 . If yes, Am I missing any steps?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kirti

To read/load a file from your desktop you will need to execute some form of client side program like HTML or JS or applets. MII Transactions run on the MII server and would point to the Server's C:/ if the server has such a folder. Usually users do not have access to C drive of servers. Hence you see the error.

You will need to write some program that executes on your desktop and pulls the file from your system and then posts to the server.



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Thanks Partha,

I used FTP folder to get the files in to MII. Required files were dropped in FTP folder and fetched in MII using GET_FTP* action blocks.

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