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Read the data from PLC to MII without sending any request

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We are looking for an approach to get the Weighing Scale reading( Empty Cylinder weight) in to MII through PCo, but we want the data to be unidirectional. We are planning to install Kepware and connect it to PCo and get the values in MII without having to request for the data.

Currently the requirement is to get the initial weight of the cylinder from the Weighing scale machine into MII when there is a demand, however we want to integrate the process in such a way that whenever a cylinder is weighed on the machine, it should automatically send the data to MII without MII having to request for it.
In this case, we want the notification to be generated as and when Cylinder is being weighed but we aren't very sure how to achieve it.
Do we need to maintain any specific Trigger conditions or is there any other better way to make this working.

Please help!

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Thank you so much Shaji.

You may not remmember but I have had the opportunity to be part of the group that had received KT from you on SAP PCO , back in working days in Accenture.

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