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Question: Is real substance composition exploding during Volume tracking?

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I am not able to test the volume tracking functionality at the moment. I have a question about something that is unclear to me in the description of volume tracking. I will have a real aubstance with a composition of substances wich can have compositions of their own again. If you explode the composition of the real substance you will have substances at different levels. On each level you could have a substance that is tracking relevant.

Does the standard function of volume tracking explode the composition of the real substance and filter out all the tracking relevant substances? Or do I have to take care that all relevant substances are managed in 1 level? As written above it is not really clear to me what the current functionality is.



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Hello Paul

it seems to be that you are using a higher SAP version in which it is possible to exclude substances from tracking. (keep in mind that you can combine this functionality with the functionality to mark a material as tracking relevant). May understanding of this functionalitiy is like this (we are not using it):

Normally you exclude not the REAL_Sub from tracking or a REAL_Sub in your "explosion" of the tree (it is possible in my opionion) but you would exclude either PURE_SUB or LIST_SUB (based on your data model) (e.g. water is not REACH relevant) and need not to be tracked any more

My feeling now is that based on which level you exclude a substance the system should normally stop exploding and/or if the material linked to the REAL_SUB is to be tracked then during "explosion" the system realizes "on the fly" that one componente (or a node of the tree) is excluded form tracking.

So I am not sure if the "EXcLUDE" COMPONENT IS STILL PART OF ccrct_ehs_comP AND HAVING A "flag" assigned saying that it is excluded from tracking or if CCRCT_EHS_COMP really does not contain the component.

So sorry. I can not give a real answer. We are not using the corresponding SAP SP level.

With best regards


PS: I believe the main reason of this new functionality is that you can have a 100% composition and at the same time exclude one component from tracking.

PPS: check

Exclusion of Substances from Substance Volume Tracking

According to this you can exclude only the substance on lowest level of explosion of your composition

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