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Quantity and Activity Confirmation is not reflecting on Order POD for Process Industry

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Scenario:- I have created a Production Process for Quantity Confirmation and Activity Confirmation in the Process Industry for the Automation of Production Order using an OPC simulator as a data source. I can fetch and update the data but it's not reflecting on the pod in real time. While Configuring the POD designer I selected all Events in POD notification. Now when I am running a tag from OPC simulators for Data collection, it is working properly and data is also getting reflected in POD. But when I deselect the Data Collection List from POD Notification, I am not getting any POD message or updates on the Data Collection List but when I refresh the page and then check data collection, it is available.

Question:- The issue is I am trying to implement the same with Quantity confirmation and Activity Confirmation but it's not possible as they are not in the POD Notification section to check/uncheck. Now when I am updating the data it's not reflecting in real time and there is no way that I found to do so.

(Note:- I have selected all events in POD Notification)

So just need to confirm whether it is a bug or if this feature is not implemented yet for quantity confirmation and activity confirmation because when updating the data using tag values -> automatic triggers -> production process, I am not getting the required outcome. Please let me know if I am following the correct path or if is there any other way to implement my scenario. Any help will be valuable.

Thanks & Regards,
Kartik Singhal

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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POD Notification events for Order POD Activity and Quantity Confirmation plugins are not supported ootb yet. See POD Notification Options for more details of the supported events.


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Hi Manoel,

Thanks for your response.

Just need to know whether this feature will be available in the future.