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Processing Rule Editor question

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Hi Everyone,

Hopefully I didn't miss a solution to this problem when I was searching the forums. Anyways I was wondering how I can create some sort of regular expression in the Processing Rule Editor's "Message Name" field to catch and categorize all messages with the same prefix in their name.

For example, all of my test messages have some prefix followed by the date and time of their entry into the system as their Message Names to uniquely identify them. Let's say I'd like all my messages prefixed with "MSG" to be categorized by some rule. When creating the rule I would expect to be able to place a regular expression such as "MSG*" in the "Message Name" field in order to have the rule catch all messages who's name starts with "MSG" and categorize them but this is not the case.

If anyone knows how to do this could you please help me with the expression's syntax?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I guess you are now using the XMIIMESSAGELISTENER explained in your last post. You have to select a unique name in the processing rule, entering a regular expression will not work.

As a solution to this, define a rule with a fixed name that calls a transaction. Inside the transaction you can define the logic to process only messages that fulfil certain criteria from values inside your message.


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I was afraid I'd have to go that route! Thanks again for the quick answer Michael.

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If you are using MII version 12.1 (in any of its various flavors), I would also suggest that the parsing transaction use dynamic transaction calls so the footprint in JVM is lessened.

If you are using 12.0, keep this in mind for future upgrades.



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