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Process flow in Waste Management

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can anybody tell me about the waste management life cycle

i want the step by step by process in detail.

how to create waste generator

after creating w.Generator how to create waste transporter,waste disposer

Please explain in-detail..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raj

The Basic overview and process steps of Waste Management Cycle is as follows

Waste Management consists of the following SAP components:

· Basic data

In this SAP component, you can, among other things, enter all the data that is required for describing waste, for example from a logistics, physical-chemical, or legal point of view. Functions from the SAP components Materials Management, Basic Data and Tools, and Dangerous Goods Management are used in this process.

· Master data

In this SAP component, you can, among other things, enter all the data for waste generators (such as points of generation), waste disposers, waste transporters, authorities, and waste approvals. Furthermore, you can link waste generators, waste transporters, and waste disposers to wastes and specify possible disposal channels.

· Disposal processing

In this SAP component, you can enter waste quantities and trigger further disposal processing. Links to numerous SAP components are available for this, so that you can, for example, post waste directly to inventory management from Waste Management and trigger purchase orders for disposal.

· Disposal documents

In this SAP component, you can create, print, and manage various disposal documents, such as German waste manifests or US hazardous waste manifests. At the same time you can, for example, also monitor the return leg of the disposal document.

· Reporting

In this SAP component, you can create various reports, such as waste life-cycle analyses.

I hope this oveview has given insight to start with Waste Management.



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