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Priority of Production Order Based on Stock and Requirements

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Dear experts,

Supposed there are two materials (Mat A & Mat B). Those materials are produced in the same production line, using the same raw materials. And this is for Process Industry.

The current stock for Mat A is 200 PC, while the stock for Mat B is 500 PC.

Now, there is requirement for Mat A for 1200 PC, and at the same time there is also requirement for Mat B for 800 PC. So, production should produce 1000 PC of Mat A, and 300 PC of Mat B to fulfill the requirements.

In this case, my client wants to prioritize the production of Mat A over the Mat B and they want the system to be able to propose the order priority automatically based on current stock and requirements (the order that has least stock and more requirements should be prioritized). Can anyone suggest how can I adopt this to the system? Does SAP has standard feature for this requirement? Can this be covered with PP/DS? Any inputs are appreciated.



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