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Printing in Bar code in SAP EHS WWI error

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Hi everyone

I'm attempting to print barcode by using barcode.dll provided by external vendor (as explained in sap note n° 25344).

I'm using barcode dll provided by TEC-IT and I correctly see label preview in CG42.

When I attempt to print label WWI server always return  the same error log:

I000     WwiBC.dll: AdapterSap::loadBarcodeLibrary:Cannot load library: BarCode.dll

W607  Bar code library could not be loaded. (3553535).....

Can anyone print barcode succesfully with vendor barcode dll? Could You please help me to solve this issue?



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Answers (2)

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Hi Juan Carlos

Barcode.dll vendor tell me to install the barcode.dll in WWI server on the same folder of of WwiBC.dll.

Now WWI server generates labels with barcode without any problem.



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Hi Andrea,

It's the barcode.dll library instaled in the server, if you can see the preview I asume that at least it's installed in your SAP Gui directory.



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Very good point Juan!

Andrea please remember:
Preview means your local WWI installation is generating the final document.
GLM Printing / GLM Preview -> WWI Server / Synchron WWI Server is generating the final document and therefore the DDL needs to be on these servers.