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PPM - Portfolio screen -- 500 SAP Internal Error RABAX_STATE

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Hi All,

I am accessing PPM 6.1 using browser and get below error for Portfolio screens.

500 SAP Internal Server Error

ERROR: The current application has triggered a termination with a short dump. (termination: RABAX_STATE)

Project Management and Resource Management screen are accessible and do not have any error.

I checked in SAP Notes and did not find anything related to PPM module for Internal Error.

I have set up currency and time units for both Portfolio and Project (since one SAP note mentions that sometimes error can happen if currency/time is not specified)

I have also posted the ST22 error dump. I have searched on the abap program and not found anything related on scn or sap notes.

I have done /n/RPM/CUST_COPY at the start and all tables had entries except /RPM/DASH_ROLE - this one had 0 entries to be copied. I do not think this is related to the error I am getting since Portfolio was running fine for last 2 days.

How can I debug?

Message was edited by: Ashwini Pingle Adding screen shot for where the program terminated - 3rd screen shot

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi All,

Sorry this will be a bit technical query.

After de-bugging the abap program, we find that certain archive infostructure - aind_str1 -- has a value of "SAP_RPM_BUC_01". Using this value, a select is performed on another archive infostructure - aind_str2.

What is aind_str2? This does not have any data in my system when it is expecting something.

Any idea about usage of aind_str2 ?



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Hi Ashwini,

SAP Note

2026050  PPM 6.1: Support package information, notes, and schedule

defines for each SP which SAP Notes should be implemented in addition.

The SAP Note which is needed to fix your issue is probably

2212334 - Dump during bucket creation due to inactive archiving infostructure

which is mentioned to be implemented for all SPs up to SP04.

Kind regards,


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Thanks so very much Florian !!

My bad, I searched everywhere except the note 2026050

We have implemented the note  2212334 and the error was resolved partially.

The screen hangs when I click on Portfolio structure but this is not a show stopper for demo server that I am configuring.

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