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PPM Item link to PS - LPD_CUST - Open linked PS Project

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Good day.

We are having dificulties to configure the standard launchpad RPM_RIH OIF for PS_PROJECT in LPD_CUST. We are trying to open in transaction CJ20N the PS Project linked to the PPM Item (RIH). Unfortunately the default values we have in the link INM_UI_NAV/PS_PROJECT in the Application is a URL to a "dummy" role.

We have changed this to consider the transaction CJ20N and it works, but does not open the PS Project linked to the Item.

Could you help us find what we are missing?. We need to be directed automatically from the PPM Item to the Project Builder (CJ20N) with the PS Project open.

Follow below the initial config we had by default.

Follow below the config we have done.

Thanks in advance.


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Dear Franco,

you are trying to navigate from the item to the PS-project by opening the PS-project in cj20n?
When "yes" - you can use the button "Project" in the item to call the PS-project.

Best regards,

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Dear Judith,

Yes, we are trying to navigate from the item to the PS Project through cj20n. Unfortunately, the default instruction in LPD_CUST directed to a dummy URL and we had an error.

To solve this we changed the configuration in application to transaction and specified tcode CJ20N (Project Builder).

The problem is that in this way the PS Project is not directly opened from the item. Only the transaction is displayed and the us manually have to open it.

How we should do the config so the PS Project opens directly when navigating from the item?.



Former Member
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Hello Franco

So if I understand you correctly the PS transaction is called from PPM. You can see the initial transaction screen. Is this correct?

Your problem is that you want the PS project to open also but it does not, and now your user must input the PS project and open the project ? Have you played around with 'parameters for a service' under 'Make settings for calling an SAP transaction' ?



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Hello C,

Correct. We want to open directly the PS Project by calling a transaction from PPM. We can see the initial screen of the transaction. We have tried with CJ20N and OLR3_CJ20N.

As you say, our problem is that the user has to input manually the PS Project. We have checked out the 'Make settings for calling an SAP transaction' and everything has the default configuration.

After trying with several choices (in source and target parameter), we have left the following configuration (but still does not works):

Transaction LPD

Parameter Mapping

We considered in target parameter the parameter for service 0CJ20NPROJD (follow below the config).

We did a test where we specified an override 'Fixed Value" and the target field is filled when we execute the launchpad. We still have problems with the source parameter.

Also, after executing with the Fixed Value, the transaction is not executed automatically (I understand it should). It requires an enter from the user.

Follow the config.

Transaction after override.

Thanks in advance for all your help.



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I'm not sure that if you have found a resolution to your issue, but we tried something similar and got it working. Please find below the settings that we tried:

LPD_CUST -> Role : RPM_RIH, Instance OIF

Link Details


Description    INM_UI_NAV/PS_PROJECT

Application Type : URL

Application Parameter: URL       dummy

Application Alias      PS_PD

Lastly : do check the settings for Web Server Alias in SPRO .One of our functional consultants got it working. You can refer to the message from SAP 150975 / 2016 .

Hope this helps!!

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Hi Franco,

could you finally find a solution to this problem? I reached the same crossroad. By default my LPD was set up as un URL type calling a "dummy" URL.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jose,

You could try what we did and it worked for us :-).