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PPM - calculation of metrics

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I'm completely at loss. I'm reading all the help + img-documenantion, but i'm not able to figure out how to get a calculated metric. E.g. a simple figure where I have $/per weight * weight = X $.

I understand the metric definition part, but cannot figure out how to customizise and configure the program to calculate it.

ANy pointers, documentation etc appreciated.


Espen Leknes

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Dear Espen,

When the customizing is maintained in:
Common Functions > Metrics Management > Define Metrics
... then the Metrics-Values can be directly maintained on tab "Deliverables > Metrics". Then the fields are ready for input and can be maintained. (Assignment of Metrics to item-type must be done.)

When you would like to use a calculation for the metrics-values you have to use a report within
the "Key Figures".
The customizing can you find in:
Portfolio Management > Process and Service Settings > Key Figure Monitor.

Link for the Online Documentation:
Metrics Management

Best regards,


Former Member
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When we create this report for a Key Figure, can that report use manually entered metrics data as input?

In Espen's example above, can "$/per weight" and "weight" be manually entered metrics, and "X $" is then a calculated metrics/ key figure?

Regards, Stian