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PPM Authorisation in objects

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I wonder how work this authorisations on object level, eg. in projects. What means a role Ressourcen Mgt., Staff, Cand. What are the many Write felds? Details in screenshot.

Thank you very much.


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I think, your project is not editable at all.

Possible, you should identify this user in "Responsible role". But you can do it with the role "Admin". That is, there must be a user "Admin".

But this is only a hypothesis. Maybe, You have opened the project in view (not edit) mode. Or, for example, you did not unlock the phase "Test1".

Try to guess why the task ended up in uneditable mode. However, if the task becomes editable with full rights, then you need to add these users (E-TEST) as resources in the tab "Resources".

Sorry I can't offer the exact recipe of how to solve your problem.