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PPM 5 admin personalisation

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Hi experts,

recently, we've upgraded from cProjects 4.5 to PPM/cProjects 5.0. In cProjects 4.5 we've done admin personalisation to hide some fields and buttons (ad project level) of the WDA-UI for all users using parameter sap-config-mode=X.

We're running PPM 5 using NWBC for HTML. Unfortunately I don't know how to do the admin personalisation because I don't know the WDA-application to start using sap-config-mode=X.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Wolfgang Brunneder

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the WDA application for the project details in 5.0 is "cprojects_fpm" (in package DEVELOPMENT_PROJECTS_UI_WD). For configuration, you have to pass a GUID.

Proceed like this: Open a project, press button "Add To Favorites u2013 Add To Browser Favorites", there you can copy the URL for NWBC for HTML. Such an URL looks like this (add "&sap-config-mode=x" at the end):


consisting of...



&OBJ_EVENT=DPO[Project GUID][again Project GUID]DPO





Kind regards,


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Hi Florian,

thanks for your hint! That's what i was looking for ...

Kind regards


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Hi Wolfgang,

Were you able to use Launchpad roles for cProjects. There is a single role CPROJECTS

which i copied with a Z Configuration

But the configuration did not work, I even tried mapping DPR_PROJECT portal role in Define Object Context for Navigation

But it doesnt work either.

Next i ll try to check with PFCG role modifying the portal role with a Z role.


Any inputs on this one?


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Hi Florian / Wolfgang,

I am trying to re-order tabs as described, but running into some issues. I do understand that the order of common tabs (basic data, additional data, object links etc) do have some dependencies. Here's an example of what I am trying to do.

Phase Level - Basic Data | Dates and Work | Additional Data | Object Links | Tasks | Approvals | <rest of tabs>

Task Level - Basic Data | Dates and Work | Additional Data | Object Links | Subtasks | Relationships | Roles | <rest of tabs>

The issue I am facing is if i setup the phase in the above manner, it resets task level to the default order and vice versa. Has any of you experienced this or I am missing something. I am right clicking on tabstrip -->settings for current configuration --> re-sort.



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Niranjan, I have not tried this myself but did you try Define Related Object Context for Navigation?