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Popup DatePicker Showing Behind Applet When Moved

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I have a DatePicker I position on the screen when an icon is pressed. Code is as follows:

var div = document.createElement("div");

var span = document.createElement("span"); = calSpanID;

with ( {position = "absolute"; left = (xpos😎'px'; top = (ypos-8)+'px'; width = CalWidth; border = "solid 2pt " + SpanBorderColor; padding = "0pt"; cursor = "move"; backgroundColor = SpanBgColor; zIndex = 100;}




When I move the popup around the screen or position it around an mii applet, it is behind the applet. I have messed with the zindex with no success.

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Answers (3)

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As Diana said, in some browsers it might work to put an iframe over an applet, but you can't rely on that, there are lots of different implementations and content like plugins or applets are usually implemented as windowed

controls which are drawn on top of normal HTML elements. Some browsers implement iframes as windowed controls too, and furthermore allow then to use CSS to stack the windowed controls as needed but some do not allow that.

If you need a solution for FF & IE and a nice description of what happens behind the scene, see the following link:

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You also may want to research MII's built in iCalendar as to not reinvent the wheel in the future. It may also help fix your popup issue. For more info on iCalendars, go to:

[ |]



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Hi B.J.,

As I recall, an applet is considered a Window-level element and you cannot put anything on top of it - I would consider using an iFrame.

Kind Regards,

Diana Hoppe