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Piece list transport for SAP standard class.

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Hello experts,

I have some scenarios where I am stuckup and trying to find a confirm solution. Pl share your experience if you have in any of the following scenarios.

1) A standard SAP class ( for example :  SAP_EHS_1011_005) is assigned with customized characteristics (example:  ZSAP_EHS_1011_005_REG) and this has to be transported to other system, How will that be executed ? Will the piece list transport work here ?

2) Reverse scenario from the above

A customized class (e.g.     ZSAP_IHS_1011_005) is assigned with Standard characteristics (e.g      SAP_IHS_1011_005_REG ) and this has to be transported to other system- , How will that be executed ? Will the import export of  property tree work here ?


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Dear Ashish,

As far as I know, the Class and Characteristics are kind of master data and thus it needs to be created in each system.

While executing the CLEO activity, I have faced the same issue but later it was discovered that, addition of Characteristics in class has to be performed in each system.

so answer to your doubt is that, it can not be transported. You need to do the same activity in each system.

Also, Import and export property will not help. It will just create a VATs but if the required class or characteristics is not exists then this process will not create it.

Please let me know if you have any more doubts, will be happy to answer it.

Thanking you,